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The demise of the Foreign Bird Association


At the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Foreign Bird Association it was unanimously agreed that the Association should, as from 31st December 2016, be wound up as it is no longer in a position to carry out the functions for which it was set up.

This decision was brought about due to a total lack of support. Not one new person has come forward to join the Committee over the past 10 years and the running of the Association has been left to those remaining – most with over 30 years or more continuous service. This is a situation which can no longer continue.

The insurance scheme will continue until 9th January 2017, which means that every Club affiliated to the scheme will be fully covered until this date.

The final Open Show will be held at the Rosehill Community Centre, Sutton, on Sunday 11th December 2016. Most trophies awarded will be offered to the winners.